New book available now: Supercharged Finance

focusing the finance function on business performance

My new full colour ebook is out now. It’s called Supercharged Finance – Focusing the Finance Function on Business Performance.

It is structured around what I call the Business Performance Management Wheel. That’s a model I came up with to describe the main elements that go into business performance management.

I first came up with the model seven years ago when I was offering coaching for small business owners. I wanted something that would act as a checklist to ensure they had all the right elements in place to keep their business performing.

Then in setting up this website for Finance people I realised that these are the same things that we want to see in whatever business we work in. And in fact, since we’re the function that tries to keep those elements balanced and in motion, that puts Finance right at the heart of business performance management.

This is a foundational book for me. It’s not the meat of the books and courses I want to develop and offer on this site. And it’s not deep or high brow! But in whatever I do in Finance I always come back to this model. So I commend it to you as something that will help you to focus on driving business performance, which is what we’re all about in Finance. And if you read more of the stuff I put out in this website, you’ll get to know where I’m coming from.

So if you’re working on a Finance Transformation programme, it will help to give you the sense of what a Finance vision needs to include.

If you’re developing an internal course for your non-Finance managers, the BPM Wheel model will help you set the scene and explain what the Finance function is all about.

And whatever your role in Finance, it will help you to see how the Finance function fits together, and help you make your role count in helping your business to perform better.

I also published it as a physical book. It’s a bit more expensive, but that’s because it’s printed in full colour. Click here to find it on Amazon.

For the ebook version, click here to find out more.

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