Why the “Future CFO” Should Spend Less Time Business Partnering, Not More

"future CFO" should be primarily a leader

The title of this article may sound strange in an age where Finance business partnering is one of the megatrends in Finance. But bear with me. There’s a good reason why I’m going to argue that “the future CFO” should do less business partnering, and not more. I’m going to start by arguing that, contrary…

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Why Business Needs More Boring Accountants

honesty in accounting is what business needs

When I came out of public practice and went to work for a business in their Finance team, I was fairly naïve. I still had a very black and white view – an auditors view – of accounting. And so, some of the practices of the management accountants were a real shock to me. My…

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The 4 ‘i’s of Stakeholder management

Stakeholder management skills

Stakeholder management (or stakeholder engagement) is one of the skills that you need in increasing measure as you develop in your business career. It’s a strange term, I think, because it sounds like terminology. Do you know what I mean? The thing is, stakeholder engagement is not just one skill. It’s a group of skills,…

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Developing Finance Business Partnering (The Purpose-Driven CFO: Part 9)

Understanding why you do things makes a difference

I’m turning my attention today to Finance business partnering, a subject of growing interest. What is Finance business partnering? And why do we have those roles and job titles within Finance? Why do we need Finance business partners? However, I don’t take it for granted that anyone reading this will have read the other articles…

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Working in Finance During a Business Transfer

business transfer and integration projects

Over the years, I’ve worked for three businesses that have been sold while I worked for them. I’ve also worked on acquisition integration programmes. Business transfer is a complex and challenging time. So, I thought I’d share some thoughts that may be helpful if you find yourself managing a team in Finance when you discover…

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You Don’t Have to be in FP&A to be a Finance Business Partner

anyone in Finance can be a business partners

It is becoming fashionable nowadays to identify some roles in Finance as Finance Business Partner. The intention is to emphasise the need for managers in the business to have a strong understanding of financial performance. And therefore, the Finance function ought to provide people who can come alongside business managers, providing financial insight and understanding. In…

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What does it mean to be a business partner in Finance?

business partner

Is the Finance function a true business partner? The Marketing Director of a business I worked for once said in leading a seminar, words to the effect that, “functions like Finance, HR and IT are just overhead costs. They don’t add value. They don’t bring in new business or sell anything, and they don’t produce…

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