Back to the Future of Finance – Developing the Skills for the Next Generation

Developing skills for Finance to make it fit for the future

What are the skills needed for Finance in business? One of the biggest challenges for the Finance and Accounting profession, Finance professional, and Finance functions in general, is around skills. And whose responsibility is it to create the career pathways, the learning opportunities, and to ensure the right skills, mindsets and behaviours, prevail? In my…

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Why Financial Modelling Skills Will Be A Big Career Door Opener For Emerging Accounting & Finance Talent

This article is written by financial modelling specialist, Lance Rubin. You can find more of Lance’s work at Background If you have recently been for a job interview or at least just taken a small peek through the door called opportunity then you may have noticed something emerging regarding a new key skill requirement, which…

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The future CFO is now!

“The Future CFO is now!” That’s part of the title I’ve been given for my presentation at the CFO Summit in Milan on 6-7 June 2018. So, I’ve been thinking a bit about how the role of the CFO has changed over the last 30 years…. You know, ever since I qualified as an accountant…

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Why I’m Not a CFO! – A Career Planning Reality Check

If you’ve read any of my articles, you may well have wondered why I’m not a CFO by now. I presume to talk about the Finance function. I talk as if I know what the Finance function should be, and how it should be run. I’ve had many senior roles in my career in Finance…

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So you want to be a CFO? – 12 actionable tips to plot a course to the top role in Finance!

There are things you can do to make yourself CFO material

“What are the things I need to do to become a CFO in the future?” “How can I make the transition from Financial Controller to Finance Director?” These are the kind of questions I get from people from time to time. They probably ask me because of the breadth and length of my experience. So,…

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