Are Your Monthly Reports Leading The Business Astray?

I remember hearing the old sayings about performance measurement early on in my career, and thinking they were pretty astute – catchy and encapsulating a profound truth. Things like: “If you don’t measure it, you don’t manage it!” “What gets measured gets done!” And I’ve always taken them to mean something positive – if you…

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Budgeting for Projects – the Case for Change

Budgeting creates problems for business change projects. Change projects are often something of an anomaly for Finance when it comes to expenditure control and resource allocation. At least that’s the way that it’s felt. The problem, however, is really budgetary control. When I was doing management reporting for functional expenditure areas, that’s what I used…

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Why Business Needs More Boring Accountants

honesty in accounting is what business needs

When I came out of public practice and went to work for a business in their Finance team, I was fairly naïve. I still had a very black and white view – an auditors view – of accounting. And so, some of the practices of the management accountants were a real shock to me. My…

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Finding purpose in the boring bits of Finance (The Purpose-Driven CFO Part 10)

purpose-driven cfo

I haven’t written in this series for a while. So, for new readers, I’ll just briefly reiterate the premise of The Purpose-Driven CFO. What I set out to do was to investigate what difference it makes going back to first principles with the things we do in Finance, and asking “why?” I know from experience…

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5 Reasons a Top Management Meeting Can be Life-suckingly Useless – And How the CFO can Fix Them

Finance mistakes that drag down business

During my career, I’ve sometimes worked at the top level in Finance, and had the privilege of sitting alongside other functional heads in the “Senior Management Team” or “The Exec”, or even “The Board of Directors”. Obviously one of the chief ways we stayed in touch with each other, and with what was going on,…

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The Purpose-Driven CFO Part 4: Financial Reporting for What?

Understanding why you do things makes a difference

Financial reporting is something that Finance is known for. We do it month in, month out. The cycle never stops. No respectable business doesn’t do it. So I reckon it’ll be a challenge encouraging you to actually read my latest part in the Purpose-Driven CFO series. Surely nothing in our reporting processes needs to change?…

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