Financial Modelling: Diamonds in the Rough

This article is written by financial modelling specialist, Lance Rubin. You can find more of Lance’s work at BACKGROUND Why is it so hard to find Finance staff with good financial modeling skills? Surely all accountants and professional finance people are good financial modelers? When I was leading a large team within the Finance function…

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What does a good forecast look like?

How do you know whether your forecast is any good?

“Does anyone in FP&A ever review the accuracy of their predictive financial models from time to time?” That’s the question I posed on LinkedIn recently, and it generated a surprisingly good discussion. It turns out that FP&A professionals generally care quite a lot about the accuracy of their forecasts. One of the businesses I worked…

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Working in Finance During a Business Transfer

business transfer and integration projects

Over the years, I’ve worked for three businesses that have been sold while I worked for them. I’ve also worked on acquisition integration programmes. Business transfer is a complex and challenging time. So, I thought I’d share some thoughts that may be helpful if you find yourself managing a team in Finance when you discover…

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