Finance Business Partnering - "Cheat Sheet" to Help Define Priorities

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If you want to formulate a plan for the Finance Business Partners in your team, and help them do their bit to boost the performance of your business, download this simple “cheat sheet”. 100% FREE!

This “cheat sheet” takes a step by step approach, identifying:

  • who is responsible for each part of your organisation,
  • who in Finance is their key contact (Finance Business Partner)
  • what the key issues are for that area, and therefore
  • what the Finance business partnering priorities should be

Coming up with Finance Business Partnering priorities

It’s a simple way of summarising the key issues in each area of the business, and making sure that Finance is partnering with management to tackle those, rather than just blindly churning through the same old reporting and planning processes.

Supercharged Finance is all about providing online tools, training, advice, and thought-provoking content, to help Finance and Accounting professionals working in business.

It is our firm belief that one of the main aims of a Finance function in business is to drive its performance. For more on that, see the video on the home page.

This FREE “cheat sheet” takes a business partnering approach coming from that philosophy. How can we partner the business to best drive business performance?

I shared this as part of my article series – The Purpose-Driven CFO – in the article relating to Finance Business Partnering. That’s worth looking at to get the context for the “cheat sheet” tool.

But to get the "cheat sheet" just fill in your details and click the button above!