Financial reporting is something that Finance is known for. We do it month in, month out. The cycle never stops. No respectable business doesn’t do it. So I reckon it’ll be a challenge encouraging you to actually read my latest part in the Purpose-Driven CFO series.

Surely nothing in our reporting processes needs to change? Surely we all know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it? So let’s just get on with it, and talk about other things?

Well, in the article I explain that different reports have different purposes. And I argue that knowing what each of them is for will help us to both be more efficient and add more value in what we present. It may even open up areas where we need to change what we do. It’s worthwhile having a think about it. I found it helpful thinking about it while I was putting the piece together.

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Interestingly, the strategy article has been viewed more than 100 times and has generated some discussion on the LinkedIn group discussion forums.

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