How To Drive Business Performance From The Finance Function

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It's an exciting thought, isn't it?

- The possibility that you, even as a Finance person, could help the business perform better.

We're used to being treated like we're just the "beancounters". We're seen as the back office pen pushers, only employed to crunch the numbers, record the transactions, do the credit control, produce the monthly reports.

And then someone like Andy Burrows comes along (who, incidentally, learnt this from working in a large listed group) and says that the Finance function should drive business performance!

It's a motivating prospect. To think we're of more value to the business than just shuffling paper and glaring at figures.

But the next question is HOW. HOW can YOU make that a reality in YOUR business, for YOUR Finance team?

Well, it takes time. And you can't do it alone.

But this email mini-course gives you an introduction to a framework you can use to start to move in the right direction. It's more than 30 pages of material, delivered over 3 weeks to give you chance to think and plan how to use it in your team and your business. It should be enough to get you going.


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