Part One – Why Be Purpose-Driven?

Understanding the purpose of what we’re doing can have a massive impact on how we do something and how we feel about doing it. In this new series on LinkedIn, I start to explore the reasons behind the things that we do in Finance.

If you’ve ever, like me, got to the point where you’re so busy that all you see is a list of jobs, then it’s worth stepping back and taking a moment or two to think. Why am I doing all these things? What are they helping to achieve? And if I know what they’re trying to achieve, can I tell whether they are the most effective things to be doing to get the desired end result? Are there alternatives? Are the reasons for doing them even valid? Or do they contradict other business objectives?

Why do we do budgeting?

Why do we do monthly management reporting?

Why do we do balance sheet recs?

Why do we have internal controls?

Why?… I hope you’re starting to get the gist!

Anyway, head over to LinkedIn to read the first part. And let me know what you think.

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