The Purpose-Driven CFO Part 5: Don’t Waste Money Doing Projects

Understanding why you do things makes a difference

Another post relating to business projects!? It must be on my mind or something! Perhaps because I’ve just signed up to take my PRINCE2 exams. I don’t know!

Be that as it may, I have got to the point in my Purpose-Driven CFO series on LinkedIn where I’m considering the purpose-driven angle applied to projects. Why do businesses do projects? What are they for? What does it mean for the way we do them?

I’m convinced that businesses waste millions more than they need to simply through carelessness in managing change projects, and lack of purposeful thinking. So I think this is a really important area for CFOs and Finance teams to get a grip of.

Click here to go over to LinkedIn and read the article.

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Please keep on letting me know your thoughts. And if you have any suggestions for what to cover in future parts, I’m keen to get ideas.


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