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New Book Reveals: The 8 Simple Factors for Managing Business Performance

This simple and easy-to-read ebook will show you... Eight things your business probably already does. The Finance function exists to get them working together like a machine to ramp up the performance of the business and make your investors happy.

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Do you sometimes get overwhelmed

by the treadmill of constant deadlines that mean you can’t see the wood for the trees? Month end reporting, accruals, adjustments, budgets, forecasts, projects, and people in the business that constantly question the value of what you do…


Do you sometimes see your work in Finance as just a bunch of things to do, without getting chance to think about why?

Are you the butt of the old jokes

from your non-Finance colleagues about being the “bean counter”, the “score keeper”, someone who just “cranks the handle” and crunches out the numbers?

When I got my first job in a business Finance team, after qualifying as an accountant with a public practice, it was like that for me. I managed a team of 16 people, processing supplier invoices, making payments, crunching through budget and forecast models at the behest of Group Finance, churning out monthly reports, dealing with auditors, with no time to think in between.

The Marketing Director even said to me that, “Finance is just an overhead… you don’t add any value.” It hurt. But I didn’t know how to respond.

It took me a few years,

and several job changes, to start to see how things actually work together. That’s not to say that I didn’t do valuable work in the meantime! I did!

I made monthly reports better; streamlined the budget cycle; reduced costs; modelled for big M&A transactions; integrated acquisitions; etc etc.

But all the time I was unaware just how central and important my Finance team was to the performance of the business.

Then, in 2009, after being laid off, I set up my consultancy business, and I spent a lot of time reflecting on exactly what makes business tick.

What are the essential elements that are needed to manage and maximise the performance of a business? And I don’t mean cash and profits and that kind of stuff.

I mean what does a business need to do to make sure it’s performing as well as it can?

I brainstormed, I drew pictures and flowcharts, I pooled all the knowledge and experience I’d picked up over the previous 15 years. And I came up with a model – eight things that every business, from the smallest to the largest, need to get working together. And the working together part is important!

I called it the Business Performance Management Wheel.

Five core processes working as a cycle, and two factors in the business environment, with the Finance function at the heart.

Describing the value of a Finance Director

to businesses that don’t yet have one was difficult - that was my focus at the time. I wanted to demonstrate that having even a part-time FD and a proper Finance team wasn’t just wasting money on stuff the owner could do themselves.

And I’ll tell you, it’s hard. Bigger businesses take us for granted. Smaller ones are sceptical and reluctant to recruit. It was a frustrating time. I couldn’t get them to get it like I did.

Showing how Finance can make a business perform better

became my mission. And to do that I needed to start from the things that are important for business performance.


And I guess that’s where you may be able to relate to what I’m saying. What are those things that are important for business performance? And how do you get it all in focus when you’re immersed in month end reporting or budget cycles or balance sheet recs?

The good news is

that it’s not very complicated to understand. It’s all about eight things, joined together. Joining them together practically is the tough part. Understanding it is just the easy first step in the right direction.

Because these eight things

are all things that you probably already know. Your business probably already does them. The missing element usually is the links between them, and the appreciation of how they work together to improve business performance.

Once you see the Business Performance Management Wheel for yourself, you will immediately have the foundation for seeing your place in the business as a value-adder and not “just an overhead”.

You’ll be able to challenge the business to look at everything it does through a lens that focuses on improving business performance.

You’ll know the right places to focus if you want to improve the value of Finance to the business.

You’ll be able to explain to your team how they fit in with the purpose of Finance, to maximize the performance of the business.

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Supercharged Finance: Focusing Your Finance Function on Business Performance

  • Learn What the Eight Elements Are

    In this book I describe the eight elements that factor into managing business performance.

  • Learn How They Work Together

    I explain the key points about the way they work, and how to get the most out of them. Most importantly, I show how they fit together.

  • How Can Finance Help

    I argue that the Finance function has a crucial role to play in maximising business performance. In fact, business performance is at the heart of what the Finance function is all about.

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Why Listen To Me?

I’ve worked in and with business Finance functions for more than 20 years, and through several senior roles have managed almost the full spectrum of Finance activities, from transactional process, FP&A, financial reporting, management reporting, MI, modelling, tax, investment appraisal and project management.

I’ve learned through experience, through training and through meeting some top experts and business leaders. I know what I’m talking about.

Andy Burrows

Here’s a sample of what people have said about me on my LinkedIn profile:

“[I] have met very few leaders who made an impact in our Finance community. Andrew is one of those few.”

“… has a solid grasp of the fundamentals of the role, whilst at the same time knowing what needs to happen to make the larger machine work.”

“Andrew’s professional knowledge, speed of understanding, decision making, and his ability to work with people made a fantastic contribution to the success of the project.”

His attention to detail and ability to focus directly on the issues without getting sidetracked was invaluable and saved the company a significant amount of time and money delivering against a strategic agenda. Andrew is able to bring project teams together and manage their performance alongside delivering his day job, and was a pleasure to work with.... If Carlsberg made Finance Directors / Controllers.......

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eBook: Supercharged Finance - Focusing The Finance Function on Business Performance

Learn about the model I use to describe the way performance management processes should work in any business to maximise performance. I use it when I do consulting, in assessing the issues a business really needs help with. It’s a model that’s also been used as an agenda to structure a Finance Transformation kick off workshop.


Not only will it show you how simple it is to understand the elements of business performance management. It will show you how central and essential the Finance function is to making business successful. We’re not just “number crunchers” and “bean counters”. If we really grasp the way these elements work together, the stronger and smoother we can make the links between them, the better we can be in facilitating improved business performance, and the more we’ll be seen as a value-adding function.

This is the first time it has been released in book form.

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