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Do You Want to Make Your Finance Function a Real Asset to Your Business?

Are you working in a Finance department in a business? Are you tired of hearing the jibes about being a boring beancounter?

Do you hear people in the Accounting and Finance profession talking about needing Finance to "add value", and wonder how the heck you can do that?

Do you feel like a spectator, or a commentator, on the performance of the business... but know you can be much more than that?

In this video series, Andy Burrows, of Supercharged Finance, talks about:

  • His experience as a former Finance Director, trying to explain the value of Finance to small business owners
  • A framework that you can use to make your Finance work value adding
  • An approach to driving business value through your work in Finance
  • Things Finance functions need to work on to improve their value-add

The Value of Finance

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