Why the “Future CFO” Should Spend Less Time Business Partnering, Not More

"future CFO" should be primarily a leader

The title of this article may sound strange in an age where Finance business partnering is one of the megatrends in Finance. But bear with me. There’s a good reason why I’m going to argue that “the future CFO” should do less business partnering, and not more. I’m going to start by arguing that, contrary…

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The future CFO is now!

“The Future CFO is now!” That’s part of the title I’ve been given for my presentation at the CFO Summit in Milan on 6-7 June 2018. So, I’ve been thinking a bit about how the role of the CFO has changed over the last 30 years…. You know, ever since I qualified as an accountant…

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Humans are Better Than Robots – And That’s Why Automation Makes Sense

robotic process automation

With all the scare stories about “robots taking our jobs”, it’s easy to get the impression that we’d rather have robots doing jobs because they’re better than us. Recently, I had to do a 2-minute explanation of why Finance should pursue automation opportunities. And I was given a PowerPoint slide with 10 or so bullet…

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Are Your Monthly Reports Leading The Business Astray?

I remember hearing the old sayings about performance measurement early on in my career, and thinking they were pretty astute – catchy and encapsulating a profound truth. Things like: “If you don’t measure it, you don’t manage it!” “What gets measured gets done!” And I’ve always taken them to mean something positive – if you…

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This one big mistake can wreck your Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation wants to add value but shouldn't do it by focusing on cost savings

Finance Transformation programmes will often include something like the following line in their business case: “Capacity created by automation and process efficiency will be reinvested in value-adding activity.” Sounds great, doesn’t it? What could possibly be wrong with that? Well, as an aspiration, it’s got a lot going for it. The trouble is, no one…

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Why I’m Not a CFO! – A Career Planning Reality Check

If you’ve read any of my articles, you may well have wondered why I’m not a CFO by now. I presume to talk about the Finance function. I talk as if I know what the Finance function should be, and how it should be run. I’ve had many senior roles in my career in Finance…

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So you want to be a CFO? – 12 actionable tips to plot a course to the top role in Finance!

There are things you can do to make yourself CFO material

“What are the things I need to do to become a CFO in the future?” “How can I make the transition from Financial Controller to Finance Director?” These are the kind of questions I get from people from time to time. They probably ask me because of the breadth and length of my experience. So,…

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Andy Burrows Featured on the Strength in The Numbers Show

When Andrew Codd asked me if I’d be a guest on his new podcast, The Strength in the Numbers Show, I was excited. I connected with Andrew on LinkedIn quite soon after starting Supercharged Finance. He and Anders Liu-Lindberg seemed to be having some good online discussions about Finance business partnering, which I’d already written…

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Why Simplification is Not Always Simple

Simple for whom?

In the generally accepted paradigm for the Finance function, where Finance is an overhead that needs to be kept down and reduced constantly, efficiency is often the name of the game. Simplification is one way of achieving that. And the ways we get efficiency are normally through simplification, standardisation and automation. Those three words were…

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Budgeting for Projects – the Case for Change

Budgeting creates problems for business change projects. Change projects are often something of an anomaly for Finance when it comes to expenditure control and resource allocation. At least that’s the way that it’s felt. The problem, however, is really budgetary control. When I was doing management reporting for functional expenditure areas, that’s what I used…

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